Introducing The New Zebra ZT600 Series Industrial Printer!

The ZT600 Series advances the legacy of the Xi Series printers to combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform. These next-generation workhorses are designed to help you navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape. So, whether you’re concerned about growing production line demands, increasing operational complexities, integrating disparate systems or controlling investment costs, the ZT600 Series industrial printers have you covered today – and for years to come.

The Zebra XI Series of printers are well known for their durability, fast print speed, long life span and unparalleled reliability. The ZT610 and ZT620 build on that legacy with the most advanced, comprehensive feature sets of any Zebra stationary printer series. To keep your critical operations running smoothly across a broad range of applications, ZT600 Series printers provide:

24/7 Reliability in the Harshest Environments

ZT600 Series printers are built to withstand the most demanding industrial conditions, which means that printer failure and operational downtime is virtually eliminated. They are designed to meet your high-volume labelling requirements, 24/7 with fantastic print speeds and quality.

Micro-Consistent Printing for Top-Quality Micro Labels

Have you ever experienced high wastage levels due to improper printing of micro labels? The ZT610 offers 600dpi printing for labels as small as 3mm for requirements such as circuit boards, chips and miniature components.

User-Friendly Setup, Use, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Intuitive Link-OS applications and user-friendly design features streamline everything from deployment to daily use to routine maintenance. Compatibility with other printing systems and technologies simplifies integration and management, while on-board sensors, diagnostics and help resources guide troubleshooting so users don't have to call in support for any minor issue.

ZT610 & ZT620 Feature Comparison

Maximum Print Width 4.09" (104mm) 6.6" (168mm)
Maximum Ribbon Length 450m 450m
Maximum Print Speed 14ips at 203dpi, 12ips at 300dpi, 6ips at 600dpi 12ips at 203dpi, 8ips at 300dpi
User Interface Colour, Graphical LCD, Status IconsColour, Graphical LCD, Status Icons12ips at 203dpi, 8ips at 300dpi
Print Resolutions Available 203, 300, 600 203, 300
Printer Control LanguageZPL, ZPL II ZPL, ZPL II